Certified Active Release Techniques Provider
Certificate in Sport Physiotherapy

Carole is a graduate of the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy in 2005. She has successfully completed her certificate in Sport Physiotherapy in 2016 and is also full body certified in Active Release Techniques®.

With over 13 years of experience, Carole has worked both in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and has worked extensively with an orthopaedic and sport’s injury population in a private practice setting since graduating. She has considerable post graduate training in Active Release Techniques®, manual therapy, acupuncture, movement impairments syndromes (Sarhmann’s), McKenzie Method, Functional Movement Screening (and SFMA), Mulligan Techniques, vestibular and concussion rehabilitation.

Growing up just outside Moncton, I was fully immersed in sports at a young age. Through soccer and volleyball, I found myself dealing with my own injuries and having to go through physiotherapy. This gave me a strong interest at a young age about this profession. The more I reflected on what physiotherapist could do, the more I became passionate about pursuing my goal. When I first got accepted into the physiotherapy program, I dreamed about being a physiotherapist at the Olympics. I still kind of have this dream.

Fast forward a few years into my program, I realize there is also more to physiotherapy than just helping athletes. I fell in love with the idea of helping others overcome their injuries. Having patients come back and tell you that they were able to sleep through the night or that they were able to return to their daily lives pain free is extremely rewarding.

Sports continued to be my passion. I thrive on working with athletes of all level and helping them excel in their sport. I am entering my 9th season as team physiotherapist for the Midget AAA Moncton Flyers. I’ve also worked many years as team physiotherapist with the Jr. B Vito’s hockey team as well as both the women and men's senior premier soccer teams for the Halifax City Soccer Club. I’ve been privileged to be able to travel across the country to 5 national championships with these teams (including 2 Telus Cup Tournaments). I’ve also had the opportunity to help out with various international and national events including : the U20 Women’s and the Women’s FIFA Tournaments, the IAAF World Jr. Track and Field Championships, the Canadian Track and Field Championships, the Canadian Figure Skating Championships, as well as the AUS and CIS Basketball Championships. Along with these prestigious events, I’ve also volunteered to numerous other local events as a sports physiotherapist.

I enjoy learning from my patients and my peers everyday. I continue to strive towards an evidence-based treatment approach by incorporating the use of Active Release Techniques®, Functional Movement Screens / Selective Functional Movement Screens, manual therapy, exercises, patient education and acupuncture to help maximize recovery.

Outside of work, I can be found dog sitting 🐶 for family or friends, enjoying good food at local restaurants or sitting at a coffee shop. I enjoy being active through hot yoga or paddle boarding in the summer. I also love traveling (whether for work or just for fun).