Alexie is a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa where she obtained a Master of Health Sciences in Physiotherapy in 2020.Prior to finishing her Master’s degree, she graduated from l’Université de Moncton with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2018.

I’ve always been passionate about health and sports from a young age.Growing up, my parents would always remind us how important it was to have a healthy lifestyle.Watching them excel in their sports pushed me to do the same with soccer.During my time at l’Université de Moncton, I played soccer for the Aigles Bleues and developed an interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation after going through some injuries myself. 

Outside of work, I like to be outdoors, running, hiking or working out at home.I love to give back to the community in any way that I can, either on a soccerfield coaching or simply volunteering at sporting events ⚽️. 

am passionate about physiotherapy and am eager to help others reach their goals and return to their active lifestyle!